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PapaTutuWawa 55dcc4e3dc Update flake 2 weeks ago
.git-crypt Add 1 git-crypt collaborator 9 months ago
hosts input-remapper: Remove as it is upstream 2 weeks ago
lib lib: Improve the sandbox derivation 4 weeks ago
modules Update flake 2 weeks ago
overlays overlays/simple: Fix issue with League of Legends 2 weeks ago
packages Update flake 2 weeks ago
patches/myxer waybar: Comment out myxer 7 months ago
secrets input-remapper: Rename from key-mapper 4 months ago
.gitattributes alexander: Fix SSH config 6 months ago
.gitignore flakes: Migrate the config and miku to flakes 7 months ago
flake.lock Update flake 2 weeks ago
flake.nix mashu: Change kernel 1 month ago