A landing page for XMPP server invites
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"language": "en",
"page_title": "XMPP Invitation",
"page_description": "You've been invited to chat using XMPP",
"page_locale_no_javascript": "This page requires JavaScript.",
"page_locale_headline": "You have been invited to chat using XMPP",
"page_locale_add_to_roster_prefix": "Add ",
"page_locale_add_to_roster_suffix": "to your contacts",
"page_locale_invitation_1": "has invited you to chat using XMPP. Click the link and your installed Jabber client will open. Already have an account? Just click on the name and add",
"page_locale_invitation_2": "to your friend list.",
"page_locale_clients": "What to use?",
"page_locale_jabber_headline": "What is XMPP?",
"page_locale_what_is_jabber": "XMPP is a provider independent Instant Messaging network. You can freely choose your provider and your client or even run your own server."