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@ -75,7 +75,10 @@ is just for turning the class into a singleton. What's required is the
toplevel constant `NAME`! It is the name of the module as the same time
the "command". mira will pass all messages that start with the value of
`NAME` to the `on_command` function. It's parameters are the message body
whitespace separated (`cmd`) and the original `aioxmpp` message object (`msg`)
whitespace separated (`cmd`) and the original `aioxmpp` message object (`msg`).
If you want to add configuration options to your bot, you can use the module's
`get_option(key, default=None)` function, which works exactly like `dict.get(...)`.
If you have subcommands, like "new something1" and "new something2", then you can
use a subcommand table. It is just a dictionary that tells mira which function
@ -142,6 +145,13 @@ If your users should be able to subscribe to certain events, then you can use th
`SubscriptionManager`, available via the module's `_sum` property. It exposes a lot more
functions, so it is probably the better to just look at it's code at `mira/`.
### Examples
If the test module `mira.modules.test` is not advanced enough, then you can find more examples here:
- [My personal modules](
## License