Like vdirsyncer but for EteSync
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EteSyncer is a “small” script which tries to replicate vdirsyncer in its functionality to sync calendar data. EteSyncer, however, can only sync between local directories and EteSync.


For the configuration options see config.example. EteSyncer expects this file at $HOME/.config/etesyncer/config.


Since pyetesync requires the UID of a Journal we somehow have to aquire it. For this, you can use the list command (etesyncer list). This requires a functioning configuration file with correct credentials.


The sync command syncronizes every calendar pair specified in the configuration file.


When service_password.fetch is specified then its value evaluated in a shell will take precedence over its non .fetch variant.

The same applies to key_password.

Does it work?

Maybe. A bit.


This script disregards pyetesync’s hint to store the derived password in a secure location.